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PDF Redaction Tool

Permanently remove text, images & graphics from your PDF. Securely redact directly in the browser without files being uploaded to a server.

Drag and drop files here to redact them
using the WebViewer below.

Files are processed entirely in the browser and are not uploaded to a server (learn more).
Automated or free-form redaction is available through our PDF Redaction Library.

What is PDFTron PDF SDK?

PDFTron is a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to rapidly embed PDF functionality into any application or workflow. Choose from 100+ features, such as viewing, annotation, and more.

PDF Redaction Library

Easily integrate our PDF redaction technology into your application or workflow. Safely remove sensitive content from your documents automatically, or via free-form annotations. Learn More


Using the latest in browser technologies (like WebAssembly), this tool converts, redacts, and saves documents entirely in your browser without uploading it to a server for processing. The file does not leave your device and is therefore not shared with anyone, ensuring complete privacy.

Supported File Formats

  • PDF, PDF/A
  • JPG, PNG
Support for an additional 20+ formats is available via our SDK.

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