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PDF Redaction Library

Have confidence in the compliance and security of your document workflows with reliable PDF redaction via any app or browser.

Deeper Redaction Control

Destroy image, text and vector graphics within regions marked for redaction -- not just covering or obscuring with clipping or image masks. And scrub documents of hidden text, comments, attachments, and forms XFA and XMP metadata.


Safely redact and save redacted documents when offline via any web, desktop or mobile application -- with no servers or other external dependencies required. No information leaves the client.

Automate Redaction

Embed redaction into any automated workflow or app, and add other SDK functionality, like text search, pattern matching, encryption, PDF/A conversion, and more.

Customizable UX/UI

Customize & style pre-built annotation widgets into your UI for free-form redaction. Build custom controls and logic, integrate into workflows, or build a UI from scratch. Personalize redaction mark appearance and overlay text.

Toggle, Share and Print Redactions

Toggle annotation layers to see what will be removed, and share redactions with others for feedback. Create user permissions controlling what information will display on screen and what will print.

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