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PDF & CAD Measuring Tools for Web, Mobile or Desktop Apps

Easily add measuring tools to your web, mobile or desktop app. Users can define a document’s scale before measuring distance, area & perimeter in 30+ different file formats.

Measure Area, Distance & Perimeter

Give users the ability to measure distance, trace a perimeter or calculate the area in CAD, PDF or 30+ file types. Enable accurate measurement with snap-to-point and adjust the scale of measurement to meet drawing specs.

Accurate & Fast Rendering

Measure complex blueprints or drawings quickly and flawlessly, even at high zoom – with a PDF rendering engine optimized over 20 years.


Give onsite workers the ability to measure documents offline on web, mobile, or desktop – no servers, plugins or other external dependencies required.

Customize UI

Increase adoption by customizing the open source UI -- simplify & remove features, create unique measurement icons and adjust colors to match your desired look & feel.


Measure CAD, PDF and 30+ File Formats

Convert and measure PDFs, image files, CAD and BIM formats, including Autodesk AutoCAD® DWG™ and DXF™, and Bentley MicroSation® DGN™.

Custom Measurement Annotations

Change how your measurements look and behave -- build libraries of industry-standard measurement tools that display consistently across desktop, mobile and web-based apps.

Real-time Collaboration

Let users add comments or create discussion threads when viewing a measurement annotation. Have multiple authors work on the same document at the same time while controlling who can view, edit and annotate files.

Snap to Point

Enable precise measurement of lines, area, arc or perimeter with annotations that snap to control points in a drawing or blueprint.

Add Annotations

Drop in any of the 26 pre-built PDF annotations, including note, highlight, pen, stamp, photo, signature and shape tools, and more. Create customized annotation appearances to add your own unique stamps and shapes to specialized workflows.
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Standardize review and approval during takeoff. Extract PDF measurements and integrate into any software system or app.

Offline Mode

Have onsite workers measure drawings when offline or dealing with spotty internet. And reliably sync measurements between users in multiple places once a connection is established.


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