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Linux PDF Tools & Office SDK

Build reliable and high-throughput Linux servers that can process forms, generate PDF reports, process documents, and convert between PDF, Microsoft Office, and 30+ formats using Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and other languages.

Do Anything with PDF

Convert between PDF, MS Word, Office HTML, SVG, EPUB, etc. Dynamically fill-out & generate PDFs, render, optimize, redact, annotate, stamp PDFs and much more.

Simple Use & Deployment

Enjoy simple deployment — nothing to install or configure; just copy a binary. Skip programming entirely with our Linux command-line tools.

Built for the Server

Manipulate documents concurrently. With fault-tolerant, high-performance, and processing, PDFTron SDK is built from the ground up for the server.

Great Linux Support

Supports most Linux distros including RedHat, Debian, and CentOS. Compatible with many legacy distributions.

.NET Core Support

.NET developers can write applications that run on Linux machines, reducing costs while simplifying development.

Build Linux Desktop Apps

Build cross-platform desktop apps that work on Windows, Linux, and Mac using our wxWidgets, Java, and JavaScript integrations.

Hundreds of Features

Support current and future use cases with the most complete PDF & Office SDK on the market.

All Features

30+ File Formats

Support for 30+ file formats, including PDF, PDF/A, HTML, SVG, PNG, and Microsoft Office.

All File Formats

Documentation & Samples

Everything you need to quickly build a prototype, and for a great development experience.


Using PDFTron

PDFTron is easy to get up and running with popular package managers and a few lines of code.

Creating an Annotation
Converting to Image
Annots::FreeText txtannot = Annots::FreeText::Create( doc, Rect(10, 400, 160, 570)  );
txtannot.SetContents( UString("Hello world"	) );

txtannot.SetBorderStyle( Annot::BorderStyle( Annot::BorderStyle::e_solid, 1, 10, 20 ), true );

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