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Set tool modekeyboard_arrow_down

Set Tool mode

You can set the current tool using the UI components as well as programmatically.

Change & set default tool mode

This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.Android. See Xamarin.iOS equivalent here .

When setting up the ToolManager, the default Tool is the Pan Tool. To change the tool, use ToolManager.setTool(ToolManager.Tool) API.

For example, to switch to the Text Highlighting tool, do the following:

mToolManager.Tool = mToolManager.CreateTool(ToolManager.ToolMode.TextHighlight, mToolManager.Tool);

To continuously using the same tool, do:

var tool = mToolManager.CreateTool(ToolManager.ToolMode.TextHighlight, mToolManager.Tool);
((Tool) tool).ForceSameNextToolMode = true;
mToolManager.Tool = tool;

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