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Tools overview

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linkIn Xamarin.Android

Tools library in Xamarin.Android is identical to tools library in Android. See overview here.

The package to namespace mapping is:

  • to pdftron.PDF.Tools
  • com.pdftron.pdf.controls to pdftron.PDF.Controls
  • com.pdftron.pdf.utils to pdftron.PDF.Tools.Utils
  • com.pdftron.pdf.widget to pdftron.PDF.Widget
  • com.pdftron.pdf.dialog to pdftron.PDF.Dialog
  • com.pdftron.pdf.model to pdftron.PDF.Model
  • com.pdftron.pdf.config to pdftron.PDF.Config

linkIn Xamarin.iOS

Tools library in Xamarin.iOS is identical to tools library in iOS. See overview here.

  • All tools such as PTPanTool, PTFreeHandCreate etc. are in pdftron.PDF.Tools namespace.
  • All controls such as PTAnnotationToolbar, PTThumbnailSliderViewController etc. are in pdftron.pdf.Controls namespace.