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Changing and disabling tools

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Changing and disabling tools in Xamarin.Android is identical to changing and disabling tools in Android. See tutorial here.

For example, the equivalent of the example provided in the Android guide will be:

Set tool:

// change to ink tool
pdftron.PDF.Tools.FreehandCreate t = (pdftron.PDF.Tools.FreehandCreate)mToolManager.CreateTool(ToolManager.ToolMode.InkCreate, null);
mToolManager.Tool = t;

Disable tools:

// remove text highlight, ink, rectangle and free text tool 
// from AnnotationToolbar and QuickMenu.
mToolManager.DisableToolMode(new ToolManager.ToolMode[] {

linkIn Xamarin.iOS

Changing tools in Xamarin.iOS is identical to changing tools in iOS. See tutorial here.

// change to free text tool
var newTool = mToolManager.ChangeTool(new Class(typeof(pdftron.PDF.Tools.FreeTextCreate)));
((pdftron.PDF.Tools.Tool)newTool).BackToPanToolAfterUse = true;

Disabling tools via API is not currently supported. However it can be done via changing the iOS Tools project source code, and build Tools package using the binding project.