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PDFTron SDK supports printing.

Printing a PDF document in Xamarin.iOS

The library handles all the hard work, you simply have to tell it to show the system print dialog with a document. This can be done with Print.PrintDoc. Here is how:

void handlePrintJob()
    pdftron.PDF.PTPrint print = new PTPrint();
    print.PrepareDocToPrint(mPdfDoc, new MyPrintDelegate(this.View), btnPrint as NSObject);

where MyPrintDelegate is:

public class MyPrintDelegate : pdftron.PDF.PTPrintDelegate
    private UIView _view;
    public MyPrintDelegate(UIView view) 
        _view = view;
    public override void PreparedToPrint(string docFilePath, NSObject userData)
        var myPrint = new pdftron.PDF.PTPrint();
        myPrint.PrintDoc(docFilePath, CGRect.Empty, _view, docFilePath, true, null);

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