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In Xamarin.Android

Using outline list in Xamarin.Android is identical to using OutlineDialogFragment in Android. See tutorial here.

For example, the equivalent of the example provided in the Android guide will be:

var outlineDialog = OutlineDialogFragment.NewInstance().SetPdfViewCtrl(mPdfViewCtrl);
outlineDialog.SetStyle((int)DialogFragmentStyle.NoTitle, Resource.Style.CustomAppTheme);
outlineDialog.Show(this.SupportFragmentManager, "outline_list_dialog");
outlineDialog.OutlineClicked += (sender, e) =>

In Xamarin.iOS

Using outline list in Xamarin.iOS is identical to using OutlineViewController in iOS. See tutorial here.

For example, the equivalent of the example provided in the iOS guide will be:

OutlineViewController outlineViewController = new pdftron.PDF.Controls.OutlineViewController (mPdfViewCtrl);
outlineViewController.OutlineViewControllerOutlineSelected += (sender, e) => {
  // perform custom action
    this.DismissViewController (true, null);
outlineViewController.OutlineViewControllerSwitchToAnnotations += (object sender, EventArgs e) => {
  // switching to annotations list
outlineViewController.OutlineViewControllerSwitchToBookmarks += (object sender, EventArgs e) => {
  // switching to user bookmarks list
outlineViewController.OutlineViewControllerDidCancel += (object sender, EventArgs e) => {
  this.DismissViewController (true, null);
outlineViewController.AlsoAnnotations = true;
outlineViewController.AlsoBookmarks = true;

navBrowseBookmarks = new UINavigationController (outlineViewController);

if (holderViewController == null) {
  holderViewController = new UIViewController ();
holderViewController.View.AddSubview (navBrowseBookmarks.View);

if (this.PresentedViewController == null) {
  this.PresentViewController (holderViewController, true, null);