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Enable end point snapping
This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.Android.


PDF documents allow line, polyline and polygon annotations to contain measurement information to measure the distance, perimeter and area of parts of a document. A scale is defined so that for example, one inch on the document is defined as one foot, allowing you determine the actual size of things in an architectural diagram once you know the scale.

PDFTron has built-in tools allowing you to create these annotations and provides a UI to modify common properties.

By default, creating and editing measurement annotations in the drop-in components DocumentActivity and PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment are automatically enabled unless disabled using ToolManagerBuilder. You can learn more about configuring ToolManager here.

To create a measurement annotations, tap and hold on an area of the PDF without any text or annotations to bring up the long-press quick menu. Then find a group called Measure in the overflow menu.

There are three measurement tools:

linkEnable end point snapping

Snapping is useful when you want to precisely place annotations in documents by snapping them to lines & objects. The point snapping API can be used to easily place annotations to the exact location.

This is disabled by default and can be enabled as follows:


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Enable end point snapping