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An evaluation or commercial license key is required to run PDFTron. If you are evaluating the SDK and do not have a key, please obtain one, and then visit this page via the link included in the trial email. If your company has licensed PDFTron then you already received your key in an email from See sign in for more details.

It is important that you initialize PDFTron library with a valid license key before using any PDFTron classes.

Please be sure to initialize PDFTron SDK before any calls to PDFTron APIs.

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In your MainActivity.cs file's OnCreate method (before SetContentView), add:

pdftron.PDFNet.Initialize(this, Resource.Raw.pdfnet, "YOUR_PDFTRON_LICENSE_KEY_GOES_HERE");

or if you only installed PDFTron.Android.Tools package, you can instead use:

pdftron.PDF.Tools.Utils.AppUtils.InitializePDFNetApplication(this, "YOUR_PDFTRON_LICENSE_KEY_GOES_HERE");

or if you also installed PDFTron.Android.Demo package, you can instead use:

pdftron.Demo.Utils.AppUtils.InitializePDFNetApplication(this, "YOUR_PDFTRON_LICENSE_KEY_GOES_HERE");

And you are set to go! Now time to show a PDF.

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And you are set to go! Now time to show a PDF.