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Version 6.9.5 Changelog (January 28, 2019 / February 7, 2019)

Version: 6.9.5

Release Date for Xamarin.Android: January 28, 2019

Release Date for Xamarin.iOS: February 7, 2019


This release of PDFTron for Xamarin brings the core PDF functionality and iOS and Android Tools functionality inline with version 6.9.5 of the iOS and Android SDKs. More information can be found on What's New for iOS and What's New for Android .



  • CompleteReaderAndroid sample now runs properly with Android Pie. Checkout this FAQ article if you are having issue with building your application targeting Android Pie and version 28 Android support library
  • Major stability update for XLSX to PDF conversion
  • Fixed issue where redaction annotation on text had the incorrect appearance
  • Fixed issue where text could still be selected after redacted
  • Fixed issue where file attachment annotation did not show up in the annotation list
  • Fixed issue where signature did not show up when setting SetShowSavedSignatures(false)
  • Fixed issue where some date field did not work with the date picker


New features

  • A new full text search control PTTextSearchViewController that replaced the FindTextToolbar, see guide Text search
  • PTAnnotationToolbar now has a new API (PrecedenceArray) to allow changing which buttons are visible for different size toolbars
  • A number of previously internal classes are now exposed on the PTDocumentViewController:
    • PTAnnotationToolbar
    • PTTextSearchViewController
    • PTPageIndicatorViewController
    • PTSettingsViewController
    • PTReflowViewController

Breaking changes

  • PT class prefixes have been added to all classes in Tools library that were previously missing them

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