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Version 6.8.0 Changelog (April 4, 2018)

Version: 6.8.0

Release Date: April 4, 2018


In this version, both binding projects for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS have significant changes. Please read the new tutorial on how to build the binding project for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS .


New features

Breaking changes

  • PDFNet.Initialize no longer accepts null or empty license keys. A valid demo or commercial license key is required at all times. Please request a trial license if you do not have one.
  • All DLLs are distributed via NuGet package now, see Upgrading .
  • PDFNetAndroid package no longer comes in split form for each abi, see Building split APK .


  • PDFViewCtrl.DownloadTypes => PDFViewCtrl.DownloadState
  • PDFViewCtrl.PageChangeType => PDFViewCtrl.PageChangeState
  • ToolManager.Mode => ToolManager.ToolMode.Value

Enum value

  • All enum values in PDFViewCtrl has been updated to match native platform convention


  • Frequently used events have been updated to have meaningful name for the event args instead of P0, P1 and so on
  • The second parameter for PDFViewCtrl.RenderingStarted and PDFViewCtrl.RenderingFinished events is now EventArgs
  • PDFViewCtrl.OnSetDoc => PDFViewCtrl.DocumentLoad and the second parameter is now EventArgs
  • PDFViewCtrl.TextSearchEnded => PDFViewCtrl.TextSearchEnd and PDFViewCtrl.TextSearchEndedEventArgs => PDFViewCtrl.TextSearchEndEventArgs
  • AnnotationToolbar.Shown => AnnotationToolbar.AnnotationToolbarShown
  • AnnotationToolbar.Closed => AnnotationToolbar.AnnotationToolbarClosed


  • ToolManager.convToAnnot => TypeConvertHelper.ConvAnnotToManaged
  • ThumbnailSlider.SetPDFViewCtrl => ThumbnailSlider.SetPdfViewCtrl
  • AnnotationToolbar.Setup now only takes in ToolManager


  • PDFViewCtrl.GetHandleInternal() is removed. Instead, PDFViewCtrl extends the native PDFViewCtrl and can be passed into native functions directly
  • ToolManager.SetBuiltInPanModeToolbarEnable is removed. Instead, use the new SearchToolbar and FindTextOverlay


New features

Breaking changes

  • PDFNet.Initialize no longer accepts null or empty license keys. A valid demo or commercial license key is required at all times. Please request a trial license if you do not have one.
  • All DLLs are distributed via NuGet package now, see Upgrading .


  • All enums in pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl class has been moved under namespace pdftron.PDF, for example, pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl.PagePresentationModes will now be pdftron.PDF.PagePresentationModes, values are unchanged

Type mapping

  • PDFViewCtrl.Doc property now expects type PTPDFDoc, you can update the code as follows:
pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc docToOpen;
mPdfViewCtrl.Doc = TypeConvertHelper.ConvPDFDocToNative(docToOpen);
docToOpen = TypeConvertHelper.ConvPDFDocToManaged(mPdfViewCtrl.Doc);
  • ToolManager annotation change events now returns type PTAnnot, you can update the code as follows:
pdftron.PDF.Annot annot = TypeConvertHelper.ConvAnnotToManaged(e.Annotation);


  • ToolManager.AnnotationModificationEventArgs => pdftron.PDF.Tools.AnnotationModificationEventArgs
  • PDViewCtrl.PageNumberChanged => PDFViewCtrl.PageNumberChangedFrom with args PageNumberChangedFromEventArgs
  • PDViewCtrl.TextSearchEnded => PDFViewCtrl.TextSearchResult with args TextSearchResultEventArgs
  • PDFViewCtrl.DocumentDownloaded => PDFViewCtrl.DownloadEventType with args DownloadEventTypeEventArgs
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetColorPostProcessMode takes in pdftron.PDF.ColorPostProcessMode instead of PDFRasterizer.ColorPostProcessMode
  • ToolManager.ToolChanged => ToolManager.ToolManagerToolChanged
  • AnnotationToolbar.SetToolManager => ToolManager property
  • AnnotationToolbar.ToolShouldGoBackToPan =>
mAnnotationToolbar.ToolShouldGoBackToPan = (annotationToolbar) =>
    return false;
  • PDFViewCtrl.HighlightSelection now takes in PTSelection which is obtained through TextSearchResultEventArgs.Selection, and PDFViewCtrl.Selection is no longer needed
  • PDFViewCtrl.OpenURL => PDFViewCtrl.OpenUrlAsync
  • pdftronprivate.AnnotationViewControllerAnnotaionSelectedEventArgs => AnnotationViewControllerAnnotaionSelectedEventArgs
  • pdftronprivate.OutlineViewControllerBookmarkSelectedEventArgs => OutlineViewControllerOutlineSelectedEventArgs
  • pdftronprivate.BookmarkViewControllerBookmarkSelectedEventArgs => BookmarkViewControllerBookmarkSelectedEventArgs


  • sender is added to all events, for example, OnSetDoc used to have PDFDoc as the sender, but is now changed to PDFViewCtrl as the sender, OnSetDocEventArgs.Doc is the PDFDoc:
mPdfViewCtrl.OnSetDoc += (sender, e) =>
    PDFDoc doc = TypeConvertHelper.ConvPdfDocToManaged(e.Doc);
    // do something with the doc


  • AnnotationToolbar constructor now takes in ToolManager, use Auto Layout for size and position


  • ToolManager.BackToPan() and ToolManager.BackToPanToolAfterUse are removed, use the following instead:
mToolManager.ChangeTool(new Class(typeof(pdftron.PDF.Tools.PanTool)));
  • BookmarkViewController.DocPath is no longer needed

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