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Version 6.7.0 Changelog (June 1, 2016) - Xamarin.Android only


This release of PDFNet for Xamarin.Android brings the core PDF functionality inline with version 6.7.0 of the Android SDKs. More information can be found on What's New.

linkNew Features

  • PDFViewCtrl Improved page sliding animation
  • PDFViewCtrl Added double tap zoom animation
  • PDFViewCtrl Set the color post processing transformation to achieve different color viewing mode such as Sepia
  • Tools Improved ink smoothing
  • ToolsCopy and paste annotations
  • ToolsChange the color and shape of sticky notes
  • ToolsChange the color and thickness of signature
  • ToolsInline freetext tool creation/editing
  • ToolsSelect different fonts for freetext
  • ToolsNew AnnotationDialogFragment that lists all annotations in the document, as well as exports annotation summary to a separate file
  • ToolsFull Version Only: New ReflowControl that can be used to show flexible reflow format of PDF documents
  • Support for right to left languages (RTL support in TextExtractor only available in full version of the library)

linkNew APIs

  • (Page.Box)PDFViewCtrl.PageBox
  • (int)PDFViewCtrl.ClientBackgroundColor
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetPageSpacingDP(int, int, int, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.HideAnnotation(Annot)
  • PDFViewCtrl.ShowAnnotation(Annot)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetNextOnLayoutAdjustments(int, int, bool)
  • (List<Annot>)PDFViewCtrl.getAnnotationListAt(int, int, int, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetColorPostProcessColors(int, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetColorPostProcessMapFile(Filter)
  • (int[])PDFViewCtrl.GetVisiblePagesInTransition()
  • Print.ExportAnnotations(PDFDoc, bool)

linkBug Fixes

  • Many UI improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

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