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Version 6.10.6 Changelog (July 4, 2019)

Version: 6.10.6

Release Date: July 4, 2019


This release of PDFTron for Xamarin brings the core PDF functionality and iOS and Android Tools functionality inline with version 6.10.6 of the iOS and Android SDKs. More information can be found on What's New for iOS and What's New for Android .


New features

  • Adds pressure sensitive inking for signature


  • Fixed issue where stamp annotation gets unexpected modified when selected
  • Fixed issue where stamp rotation is possible when there is no proper annotation permission
  • Fixed issue where note dialog allows modification when there is no proper annotation permission
  • Fixed issue where reply dialog does not open for FreeText annotation right after it is created
  • Fixed issue where comment icon is not placed in the correct location for FreeText annotation
  • Fixed issue where loading non-PDF files from HTTP/HTTPS does not use cache location from ViewerConfig
  • Fixed potential ANR when streaming remote files with large number of pages
  • Fixed potential crash in reading (reflow) mode when rapidly zooming


New features


  • Fixed issue where long-pressing in a text form-field would end editing the field

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