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View a PDF document


About viewing a document

To view a PDF document.

// create a view controller
PDFViewCtrl view = new PDFViewCtrl();

// create a doc instance
PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(filename);

// set doc to the view

PDF Viewer Control (Simple)
Full source code which shows how to use PDF viewer control in a basic project. The sample uses a number of built-in features from PDFViewCtrl to implement document navigation, text highlighting, markup, and editing.

linkAbout viewing a document

The PDFTron SDK comes with a powerful high level class called PDFViewCtrl that allows users to easily display PDF documents in their application. This class wraps around all the document processing lower level details that are required when displaying a PDF document.

Viewing a PDF document is one of the most common use cases, when working with PDF documents. The PDFView samples provide both a simple implementation and advanced one, with details on adding customizations over the existing control. The samples may be accessed in the samples section

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About viewing a document