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Using PDFTron SDK in Server environments

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There are a few issues, in particular, that need to be considered when running your application in a server environment. Below are some of the most common situations that you may encounter when using PDFNet in a server environment.

linkVisual Studio Web Server

If you get a BadImageFormatException, incorrect format error, while trying to use the Web Server that comes with Visual Studio, this is because VS Web Server is 32-bit only and cannot be used with any 64-bit libraries. Please see this forum posting for solutions.

linkIIS Servers

You may also encounter BadImageFormatException, incorrect format exceptions when using PDFNet on IIS. One possible cause can be that you need to match the IIS 'Enable 32-bit application' setting to which version of PDFNet (32 or 64 bit) that you are using. Finally be aware that different versions of IIS default to different versions of the .NET framework, so you also need to match that with the version of PDFNet you are using (.Net 2 or 4). For more info see this post.

linkFile Conversions in Windows Service or ASP.Net

This document contains lots of important information regarding converting files to and from PDF in a server environment. It also covers MS Office Interop and virtual printer related issues.