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Page manipulation


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Page manipulation provides the ability to edit content using page objects.

PDFTron SDK benefits include:

  • Split pages
  • Merge and append pages
  • Replicate and reorder pages
  • Assemble new documents from a mixture of dynamic and static documents
  • Remove existing pages
  • Rotate pages
  • Adjust page dimensions (e.g. adjust media/crop/bleed box)
  • Reposition page content
  • Work with PDF page labels (read or edit existing labels and create new labels)

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Create a PDF page
To create a new blank PDF page in a PDF document.

Remove pages
To remove pages from a PDF document.

Rotate a page
To rotate a page in a PDF document.

Crop a page
To crop a page in a PDF document.

Reorder pages
To reorder pages in a PDF document.

Split PDF pages
To split a PDF document into multiple pages.

Copy/Merge PDF pages
To copy/merge several PDF documents into one.

Samples related to page manipulation

APIs related to page manipulation

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Basic document operations
A list of commonly used operations when working with document processing.

linkTools & Utilities

PDF PageMaster
A command-line tool that can be used for splitting, merging, editing, and securing PDF documents.

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