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PDFTron SDK Demo/Trial

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PDFTron Systems offers a free, 60-day evaluation of PDFNet. Once the 60-day evaluation period expires, the library will start generating an exception/error indicating that the evaluation period has expired and the library will stop functioning.

linkElevated Permissions Prerequisite

While you try out PDFNet without a license key, it is running in demo mode. One side effect of this is that your application will need read/write access to the registry. This is typically a problem only when you run the app in an environment that requires elevated permissions, such as when developing a Windows service or a server application.

linkExample: IIS Server

If you are trying to run your demo on an IIS server, you can change the Application Pool’s identity to a User Account with read/write access to the registry.

  1. Go to IIS Manager, select the web server, and then Application Pools.
  2. Click on the Application Pool you are using from the list, then on the Actions panel, under Edit Application Pool, click Advanced Settings...
  3. In the Advanced Settings dialog, go to the Process Model section and click on the Identity to change it.
  4. Once the Application Pool Identity dialog shows up, select Custom account:, then click Set...
  5. Enter the user account information in the Set Credentials dialog box. Note: you may have to specify the domain of the user (i.e. MyServerDomain\MyUserAccount).
  6. Click OK until all dialog boxes are closed.

linkCommon Questions

The most common query regarding the demo/trial mode, arises from errors arising due to insufficient rights. Please see the below threads for mode detail on avoiding/ working around these issues.

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