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PDFTron SDK Demo/Trial


Common questions

PDFTron Systems offers a free, 40-day evaluation of the PDFTron SDK (active days only). Once the 40-day evaluation period expires, the library will start generating an exception/error indicating that the evaluation period has expired and the library will stop functioning.

Note: Active days above refers to days of active use - this means that only the days that you use the product count towards the demo period.

linkCommon questions

The most common query regarding the demo/trial mode, arises from errors arising due to insufficient rights.

Error: When trying to run the application, the following error message is seen:

Please contact customer support at: No reg. write rights.

Solution: Please use an account with sufficient privileges to write to the registry. Using PDFNet demo on development machines is usually not a problem because most development machines do not restrict writing to the registry. In case you are using the evaluation version on a production IIS server, you need to grant sufficient permissions to the assembly - or loosen your global security policy to allow registry writes. This restriction does not apply to the production version, which does not require registry access. Please see the topics under "Working in a server context" in the FAQ section for more information on using the demo version in the context of a service or web server.

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Common questions