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WebViewer Server

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WebViewer Server is a drop-in backend for WebViewer that offers responsive viewing and compatibility across all client platforms (including mobile), along with scaling performance that approaches purely client-side solutions. It works hand-in-hand with WebViewer on the client, initially serving images then transitioning to client-side rendering.

linkGetting started

linkSetting up the server

  1. The server sample uses Docker technology, which requires Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, or a Linux distribution. In theory, any system is sufficient as long as Docker can be installed. Install the appropriate package from
  1. An evaluation or commercial license key is required to run WebViewer Server. If you are evaluating this product and do not have a key, please obtain one, and then visit this page via the link included in the trial email. If your company has licensed PDFTron then you already received your key in an email from See sign in for more details.
  2. Start the server Open a command line, navigate to the directory of the unpacked archive and call:

    docker-compose up

    You should be up and running at this point.

linkAccessing the demo

Once the server is running, the demo viewer app is accessible at http://localhost:8090/demo/?s

linkWebViewer integration

Once the docker container is up-and-running, then it can be used by supplying the pdftronServer argument to WebViewer upon startup:

options.pdftronServer = 'http://localhost:8090/';
var myWebViewer = new PDFTron.WebViewer(options, viewerElement);

linkBrowser support

ChromeFirefoxSafariEdgeInternet ExplorerAndroid ChromeMobile Safari

linkRunning on Cloud Services