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Get started by setting up WebViewer Server

This guide will show you how to get started with a free trial of the WebViewer Server by loading a docker container instance and using it to display WebViewer on a local HTTP server. Your free trial includes unlimited trial usage and support from solution engineers.

linkSet up the server

  1. The server sample uses Docker technology, which requires Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, or a Linux distribution. In theory, any system is sufficient as long as Docker can be installed.

    Install the appropriate package from

  2. Download the WebViewer Server package.

  3. Unpack the archive and navigate to its directory.
unzip -d WebViewer-Server
cd WebViewer-Server
  1. Open the docker_compose.yml file in the root directory of the unpacked archive and set the TRN_PDFNET_KEY option to your license key (you do not need to set this property if you are demoing our software):
  1. Run the command line from the unpacked archive:
sudo docker-compose up

You should be up and running at this point.

linkAccessing the demo

Once the server is running, the server demo app is accessible at:

http://<HOST_IP_ADDRESS or localhost>:8090/demo

linkWebViewer integration

Once the docker container running, then supply the pdftronServer and l license argument to your WebViewer upon startup:

  // initialDoc: 'YOUR_FILE.pdf',
  pdftronServer: 'http://<HOST_IP_ADDRESS or localhost>:8090/',
  licenseKey: 'Insert commercial license key here after purchase'
}, viewerElement);

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