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WebViewer Server Common Issues


Linux Specific Issues
Windows Specific Issues

What exactly is WebViewer Server?

  • WebViewer Server uses a Linux container built on Debian 9. A container is similar to a virtual machine, but allows for a more fluid experience with a smaller performance hit. This container comes preconfigured with the required dependencies and options for it to work directly from the download. Inside the container, WebViewer Server uses Apache Tomcat to serve its API to WebViewer clients. Our Java code interfaces with the PDFTron SDK and manages load so that WebViewer Server can perform document renders for the WebViewer client.

I can't use Docker because of [reasons], do you have any other deployment options?

  • The solution is not inherently tied to Docker functionality, and we are considering alternative packaging mechanisms. If the current packaging does not work for you, tell us about your requirements through the PDFTron support form, and we may be able to accommodate you.

The container fails to start properly with the error Address is already bound.

  • This means you are already running the server or have another service bound to the port 8090. Run docker-compose down in any other directories you may have ran the server from and ensure nothing is using that port.

I'm running docker on a VM, but the WebViewer server is failing when building, specifically, when installing the debian packages in the build.

  • In this scenario, your VM likely does not have internet connectivity. Make sure you can contact the internet from your virtual machine.

linkLinux Specific Issues

When I try to use Docker on Linux it fails with permission errors.

  • Docker commands need to be run with sudo, do so for all the commands. It is possible to run without sudo, but requires extra user setup.

How do I run Docker without sudo?

  • Details on doing this can be found here.

linkWindows Specific Issues

When I try to build the Docker image with docker-compose up it fails with the message no matching manifest for unknown in the manifest list entries.

  • The docker files are trying to pull Linux only products, in order to build on Windows your Docker must be set to Use Linux Containers, this can be done by right clicking the Docker tray icon and selecting the Use Linux Containers option.

I want to run the WebViewer Server Docker container on a Windows VM, is this possible?

  • It's possible but depends on your own configuration and environment. WebViewer Server running on Windows uses a Virtual Machine through Docker in order to run Linux Containers, meaning nested virtualization must be enabled in your VM and the host machine.

My version of Windows does not support Hyper-V virtualization, how do I run WebViewer Server through Docker?

  • You can use the Docker toolbox which uses VirtualBox to handle virtualization.

I want to run webviewer server on a Windows virtual machine running on Windows, how do I do so?

  • You can setup nested virtualization on Windows, which will allow the running of Docker inside a Windows virtual machine. You can read more about this process here. Alternatively, you can run a Linux VM instead of a Windows virtual machine without nested virtualization.

I used Docker Toolbox to run WebViewer Server, but I find myself unable to connect to the server on localhost.

  • Open up a command prompt and type 'docker-machine ip', this should list the ip for the container. Use this ip to connect to the server rather than localhost.

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Linux Specific Issues
Windows Specific Issues