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Server integration options for WebViewer

To enhance performance and provide support for more file formats than the client only deployment provides, WebViewer can be enhanced with a server component.

The two options are a custom server that uses the PDFNet SDK on the server side to convert documents to web optimized files that WebViewer can view quickly on any device and browser, and WebViewer Server, which automates much of this process for you and is simplest to deploy but with a bit less control.

A server component is completely optional when deploying WebViewer and we recommend trying out client only deployment first to see if it meets your needs.

linkWebViewer Server

WebViewer Server is an optional drop-in backend for WebViewer that offers responsive viewing and compatibility across all client platforms (including mobile), along with scaling performance that approaches purely client-side solutions. It works hand-in-hand with WebViewer on the client, initially serving images then transitioning to client-side rendering.

See the WebViewer Server guide for more information.

WebViewer Server is not a cloud service. It is provided as a container or direct installer that can easily be setup and hosted in your own environment.

linkCustom server

If you don't want to use WebViewer Server as your document backend you can setup your own server to handle document viewing with WebViewer.

By converting a wide range of document formats into a web optimized XPS file, called XOD, WebViewer is able to deliver consistent results in viewing different document types.

See the custom server guide for more information.

linkWhich option should you choose?

Both options provide the same browser support so your choice will come down to how much control you want when managing the server as well as the file formats and features you'll need to support.

Generally we recommend trying out WebViewer Server first as it's simplest to set up. If you require more features or control of the server then you could use a custom server deployment.

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