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Download and run samples

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An evaluation or commercial license key is required to run PDFTron. If you are evaluating the SDK and do not have a key, please obtain one, and then visit this page via the link included in the trial email. If your company has licensed PDFTron then you already received your key in an email from See sign in for more details.

linkRun samples

  1. Unzip and then navigate to that directory from the command line.

  2. Run the following commands. This will start up a local server and open the WebViewer showcase.

npm install
npm run samples -- --key=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY_HERE
If you want to run the samples on your existing dev server just drop the WebViewer folder onto your server and enter your license key in the samples-key.js file.
All of the code for the showcase and each sample is found in the samples folder if you want to inspect or modify it.
You can also view live samples on our website.

linkNext steps

Follow the integration guide to get WebViewer integrated into your own project.