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New UI Betakeyboard_arrow_down

New UI Beta

WebViewer is being updated with a brand new UI. You can see a live demo here.

If you wish to try running the beta version yourself, see how to below.


Download the latest version, WebViewer 6.3.

linkHow to Enable

Set the ui option to beta in the WebViewer constructor. Afterwards, WebViewer should load with the new UI.

  ui: 'beta',
  initialDoc: 'path/to/doc.pdf',
}, document.getElementById('viewer'))

linkDark Mode

New UI dark mode

The ui defaults to light theme, but dark theme can be enabled by calling the setTheme API.

  ui: 'beta',
  initialDoc: 'path/to/doc.pdf',
}, document.getElementById('viewer'))
  .then(instance => {


All of the APIs should be the same or very similar to the existing UI. If you notice anything missing or not working as expected please let us know.

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