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UI (Viewer)


New UI
Legacy UI

It is important to note that the UI (viewer) is decoupled from the core. The viewer only has two responsibilities:

  1. Call core APIs upon user interaction
  2. Update UI when core event is triggered

With a physical separation in the file structure, developers can easily distinguish the UI files, modify them if necessary, or even write their own viewer from scratch.

WebViewer offers two different UI versions upfront.

linkNew UI (default)

Built in React, the new default UI includes everything from the legacy UI and more:

  • Modern UI, simple UX
  • Presets for commonly-used annotation tools
  • APIs to tweak the UI and features on the fly
  • Responsive design
  • Public git repo (open-sourced)

linkLegacy UI

Built using jQuery UI, the legacy UI includes essential features of PDF operations. To use the legacy UI, you can add the option ui: 'legacy' to the PDFTron.WebViewer constructor when instantiating.

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New UI
Legacy UI