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Text edit (beta)

WebViewer 7.1 adds support for an experimental text edit feature in the UI which allows you to edit text directly on PDF files. After selecting text a button appears in the text selection menu which allows you to change the text.

Enable text editing feature

This feature requires the WebViewer Full API , which can be enabled by passing the option fullAPI: true into the WebViewer constructor and you also need to enable the text edit button in the UI.

  fullAPI: true,
  // other options
}, document.getElementById('viewer'))
.then(() => {
  // Enable text edit button

You will see the text edit button after selecting text

Text Editing Button

Please note that the text edit feature is still experimental. Known issues are:
  • If the updated content takes more space than the original content then extra content will be removed
  • The vertical alignment of the updated content may not match the original text

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