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JavaScript 3D Annotation Library

WebViewer 3D allows you to view, annotate and collaborate on 3D models.

  • Traverse 3D model object tree
  • Toggle visibility of objects
  • Use the same annotation capabilities as you do on PDFs, MS Office and videos
  • Annotation hotspots to quickly navigate you to the annotated view
  • Measure in 3D space by snapping to vertices
  • View render, wireframe or vertex normals

Check out the online demo to see all capabilities WebViewer 3D offers.

This sample uses the 3D addon for WebViewer. It allows the loading of 3D models in .gltf or .glb formats.

Initial setup

Before you begin, make sure your development environment includes Node.js and npm.


git clone
cd webviewer-3d-sample
npm install


npm start

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PDFTron live tech update & run-through: Jan 20th at 11 am PT