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Using a Networked Drive Cache

Using a networked drive cache

When using WVS with the Windows installer, it is possible to run its cache on a shared network drive. This FAQ details how one would execute this.

  1. Mount your networked drive.

  2. Create a static_data directory in your networked drive.

  3. Modify the file at WEBVIEWER_INSTALL/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml and look Context docBase argument for /data, replace it with this.

<Context docBase="[YOUR NETWORKED DRIVE]:/static_data" path="/data" />
  1. Modify the file at WEBVIEWER_INSTALL/apache-tomcat/wvs_config.json, change the next line into the following line:



  2. Start WebViewer Server, it should now write its cache to your networked drive.

My service won't startup after moving WebViewer Server to a networked drive

This is because the System user that WVS is running as does not have access to the network drive map. We must force the drive to be mapped on system startup so that the System user has access to it. The following steps detail that process. It may be possible to change the service user and get the mapped drives working, however, this is the only way we were able to get the networked drive to work with a service.

  1. Write a batch file that can be used to mount your networked drive on startup.
echo %time% >> c:\mount_nfs_log.txt
net use Z: \\{your ip}\{netdisk folder} /USER:username password >> C:\mount_nfs_log.txt 2>&1
  1. Open your Task Scheduler and create a new task. This task should run as the NT SYSTEM user. The trigger should be system startup and the action should call the batch script you created in the previous steps.

  2. Restart your system, when WebViewer Server next starts, it will have access to this drive.

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