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Version 8.7.0 Changelog (2022-07-15)

WebViewer Core


  • Updated the version of PDFNet used to version 9.3. All PDFTron SDK 9.3 APIs are available with the full API.
  • Added new editBoxesAvailable event on the ContentEdit namespace that fires when the edit boxes are available on a page
  • Added new APIs (getBorderStyle, setBorderStyle, getCloudIntensity, and setCloudIntensity) for RectangleAnnotation and PolygonAnnotation
  • WebViewer now retrieves annotation data from WebViewer Server in separate size based chunks instead of a singular file
  • Added support for encrypting PDFs without using the full API by passing the password option to doc.getFileData
  • Added a movable measurement caption to area measurement annotations
  • Added setDefaultMeasurementCaptionOptions and setMeasurementCaptionOptions APIs for setting the caption options on either the area measurement create tool or the area measurement annotation


  • Fixed an issue with Core.PDFNet.VerificationOptions.loadTrustList causing an issue with a PDFNet Digital Signature Verification API that would result in the WebViewer UI no longer rendering Digital Signature Verification content
  • Fixed translations for other languages
  • Fixed Arabic text layout issues
  • Fixed text search for right to left language
  • Fixed issue with redo/undo/loading with ArcAnnotation
  • Fixed FileAttachmentAnnotation not being rotatable
  • Fixed warning in Firefox about quirks mode
  • Fixed issues with signature appearances not rendering correctly in Chrome when using custom containers
  • Fixed the bug that the date string can not be cleared for date widget date field
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect appearances were being generated for form fields that have formatting actions
  • Fixed an issue where long text pasted into small text widgets would truncate incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where date picker was fully/partially hidden when virtual keyboard was opened
  • Fixed issues with caption when creating measurement annotations on a rotated document.
  • Fixed bullet point when displaying Office documents
  • Fixed issue with RedactionAnnotation being treated as text redactions when X, Y, Width, and Height are used to initialize it
  • Fixed an issue where PolylineAnnotation and PolygonAnnotation were being deleted prematurely
  • Fixed bug where WebViewer would hang on download with forceClientSideInit enabled
  • Fixed print preview adding an extra blank page in some browsers

WebViewer UI



  • Fixed issue with full page redaction UI style controls
  • Fixed font size dropdown being cut off on some screen sizes
  • Fixed WebViewer crashing with setUserData then adding new notes
  • Fixed issue where unsaved edit in the note panel does not persist
  • Fixed selection issue with signature popup
  • Improved responsiveness of signature modal for small screens
  • Fixed various padding and dark mode style issues for UI controls

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