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Version 8.6.0 Changelog (2022-06-10)

WebViewer Core


  • Added snapping feature to the tools below:
    • LineCreateTool
    • ArrowCreateTool
    • PolylineCreateTool
    • PolygonCreateTool
    • RectangleCreateTool
    • PolygonCloudCreateTool
  • Updated the SubmitForm action so that a handler callback is always required
  • Added new AnnotationChangedActions constant to AnnotationManager for annotationChanged event actions
  • Renamed the layoutChanged API to pagesUpdated
  • Added textContentUpdated event to the ContentEdit namespace. This is fired when a content edit box has finished updating with new text.
  • Added setEditorOptions/getEditorOptions APIs to set/get Quill configuration options for FreeText annotation editing
  • Added a meta tag with noindex to block search engine indexing of WebViewer HTML files
  • Added ability to pan the document by holding down the mouse wheel button
  • Added hybrid draw mode for line tools to create lines in two clicks instead of click and drag
  • Added getAutoSmoothingRange to FreehandHighlightCreateTool
  • Added warning when importing grouped annotations with invalid parent annotation ID


  • Fixed NoZoom properties not affecting other annotations other than Sticky Notes
  • Fixed issue with RTL search results being incorrect
  • Fixed missing documented APIs for Rectangle and Polygon
  • Fixed an issue with events when clicking TextMarkupAnnotations with immediateActionOnAnnotationSelection
  • Fixed issue where changing the display mode after loading a second document could cause issues with the virtual display mode
  • Fixed issue where a non-standard checkbox type wasn't handled properly
  • Fixed loading asm in some browsers
  • Fixed bug when XFDF has incorrect font family and font-size order
  • Fixed deprecation warning when calling removeEventListener without second parameter
  • Fixed rendering bug when using multiple document viewers with a custom UI
  • Disabled snap indicators when dragging the caption control point on distance measurement annotation
  • Fixed carriage return bug while editing text content
  • Fixed annotation command history after page manipulation
  • Fixed XOD rendering error that could occur on certain tiled patterns
  • Fixed an issue with exportAnnotationCommand when moving annotations across pages
  • Fixed bug where InkHighlight intent FreeHand annotations are opaque
  • Fixed issue where free text annotations would jump to original page upon editing after dragging to another page
  • Fixed missing required flag on Signature widgets
  • Fixed issue where Apple Pencil stylus mode was causing a dot to appear when switching from free hand

WebViewer UI



  • Fixed WebViewer crashing with setUserData then adding note annotations
  • Fixed font size dropdown issue where 128pt will display as 1pt
  • Fixed invisible search text while typing into the search input on iOS Safari
  • Fixed with issue of scroll bar being visible and zooming errors after calling documentViewer.closeDocument
  • Fixed wrong text color returned for form field when re-entering form builder mode
  • Fixed style popup overlay getting stuck for full page redactions
  • Fixed issue where page would shift clicking outside of form builder in Safari
  • Fixed issue where an error would occur with sliders in the ToolStylePopup
  • Fixed some German translations
  • Fixed issue with loadTrustList causing an issue with a PDFNet Digital Signature Verification API that would result in the WebViewer UI no longer rendering Digital Signature Verification content
  • Fixed issues with verifying Digital Signatures that used a SubFilter other than adbe_pkcs7_detached
  • Fixed POINT_ON_LINE mode when the "Enable snapping" checkbox in measurement options is checked
  • Fixed note panel custom stamp icon to match Acrobat
  • Refactored addTab API and clarified its documentation
  • Fixed bug where redaction modal canvas was rendering even when not open or feature enabled
  • Fixed the reseting of the free text in the tool style popup
  • Corrected showWarningMessage documentation
  • Fixed bug where Forms ribbon enables Content Edit button in Edit Ribbon
  • Fixed alignment for header title and close button for page replacement modal
  • Fixed annotationChanged event triggering on every slider move
  • Fixed issue where the arc measurement stroke would fail to be set from the UI
  • Fixed bug where measurement scale was not editable on iOS
  • Fixed the sample URL when running the UI by itself
  • Fixed issue where lines and arrows were being rendered in two separate segments when a comment was added to the annotation
  • Fixed issue with iPad pinch zooming being jumpy with the left panel out
  • Fixed issue where Redaction Panel controls were being cut-off when viewing in tablets.

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