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Version 8.2.0 Changelog (2021-11-26)

WebViewer Core


  • Added optimizations to greatly improve speed of searching PDF files
  • Added support for annotation snap rotation when holding the shift key
  • Added optimizations to improve the speed of loading linearized PDF files
  • Added support for importing and exporting inline appearance data with XFDF
  • Added support for displaying text as justified inside a FreeText annotation using freeText.textAlign = 'justify'
  • Updated behavior so that moving an annotation to the edge of the viewport will automatically scroll the viewport
  • Added DateFreeTextCreateTool which lets the user create a FreeText annotation that is flagged as a "date" type. The default WebViewer UI will show a date picker when it is being edited.
  • Added the getDateFormat and setDateFormat APIs on FreeText annotations to determine the date format associated with them (if applicable).
  • Added setStampText and getStampText APIs for getting and setting stamp text
  • Added checkIfBaseColorsUsed option when using enableColorSeparations
  • Added enableReadOnlyMode and disableReadOnlyMode API for documentViewer
  • Added support for custom annotation appearances with WebViewer Server
  • Added Core.syncNamespaces API easily sync namespaces from multiple WebViewer instances for easier interoperability between them
  • Added disableAutoFocusOnCreate, enableAutoFocusOnCreate, and isAutoFocusingOnCreate API to the FreeTextCreateTool to allow FreeText annotations to be created by a user without autofocusing them
  • Added embeddedThumbnailComplete event which is fired when a thumbnail from a viewer optimized PDF is loaded
  • Added client side support for .jfif and .tiff files
  • Updated the appearance of "readOnly" radio buttons
  • Added new enableTextSelection, disableTextSelection, enableAutoSwitch, disableAutoSwitch, enableAnnotationHoverCursors, disableAnnotationHoverCursors, allowAnnotationsOutsidePage, and disallowAnnotationsOutsidePage APIs for controlling tools
  • Added new CROP_CANCELLED Event on CropCreateTool
  • Changed Text Annotations (eg. TextHighlightAnnotation, TextUnderlineAnnotation) to no longer store the annotated text as the annotation content by default. The annotated text is now stored as custom data with a tag "trn-annot-preview" in order to provide a more streamlined view in the notes panel, and improve the commenting flow. To revert this behaviour and store the selected text as the annotation's content, set the AUTO_SET_TEXT property to true for the TextAnnotationCreateTool.


  • Fixed issue with userName property in embedded JS
  • Fixed issue with auto sizing FreeText annotations on rotated pages
  • Fixed issue with line annotations being offset in particular cases
  • Fixed issue with transparent annotations displaying incorrect rotation
  • Fixed issue with flickering when switching pages in single page mode
  • Fixed issue with DoNotScroll field flag not working
  • Fixed issue with text field with multiple lines
  • Fixed issue with annotation resizing when dragging
  • Fixed issue where copied annotation was pasted on top of other copied annotations
  • Fixed issue where an annotation Rect without any values was causing problems
  • Fixed issue where annotation rotation was not working with immediateActionOnAnnotationSelection create tool option
  • Fixed issue with FreeText annotation text going outside of the page in some cases
  • Fixed issue that prevented loading documents without "http://" prefix
  • Fixed issue with signature widget "Sign Here" text being visible in some cases even when it has a signature
  • Fixed issue with text alignment for rich text
  • Fixed issue with using exportAnnotCommand with undo and redo
  • Fixed issue with text not wrapping as expected inside a FreeText with richtext content
  • Fixed issue where text widget wouldn't update display when the readonly property changed
  • Fixed issue with text not fitting inside text widgets

WebViewer UI


  • Added UI controls to change the FreeText font, vertical and horizontal text alignment and rich text styles from the annotation style menu
  • Added the ability to replace pages in the thumbnail panel
  • Added new panel for displaying PDF file attachments
  • Added getWatermarkModalOptions API for getting the watermark options that may have been set by the printing watermark modal
  • Enabled the page rotation button for XOD files which will perform a visual page rotation
  • Added a replies count in the notes panel
  • Added new icons for "filter" and "reply" in the notes panel
  • Added new toolbarGroupChanged event
  • Updated dropdown and overlays to automatically close when loading a new document or clicking outside the element
  • Added ability to support custom elements in menu overlay
  • Added new thumbnailDragged and thumbnailDropped events for thumbnail panel
  • Added the outlineBookmarksChanged event that is fired when a bookmark changes in the outlines panel
  • Added the fullscreenModeToggled event that is fired when fullscreen mode is toggled
  • Added new Date tool in the fill and sign toolbar
  • Updated sorting by dates in the notes panel. Can now sort by both creation date and modified date.
  • Updated notes panel to now display rich text used in annotations as well as their text color.
  • Improved several language translations
  • Updated the comments panel, now annotated text of text annotations are shown as preview by default


  • Fixed issue where loading a new document didn't clear text search
  • Fixed custom content overlay positioning
  • Fixed issue with popup showing up when editing text in FreeText annotation
  • Fixed styling issue with the loading icon not disappearing when digital signature was loaded

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