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Version 8.0.1 Changelog (2021-08-17)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue with an attempt to request the content type when passing in a non-URL source document
  • Fixed issue with iOS 14 WKWebView not able to load office documents
  • Fixed issue where text on hidden layers was still able to be selected
  • Fixed issue where sticky note annotations were not correctly rotated on rotated pages if an override canvas was passed into annotationManager.drawAnnotations
  • Fixed issue where DocumentViewer's enableViewportRenderMode and disableViewportRenderMode functions were not callable
  • Fixed issue where on particular files the underline tool would add a line to the top of the text
  • Fixed issue with a particular file where it was not able to be downloaded
  • Fixed unnecessary warning that was displayed when the full API was enabled
  • Fixed issue with resizing ellipse area measurement annotations that could cause the size to become undefined
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases it was possible for particular annotations to not draw their appearance correctly
  • Fixed errors that could happen when using the PDFNetappendTextDiff APIs
  • Fixed issue with text jumping inside a freetext annotation when editing text near the edge of the page
  • Fixed issue with pages getting stuck when loading XOD from a blob
  • Fixed issue where the wrong checkbox value could be shown on refresh
  • Fixed issue where setting the default font style on the freetext tool could throw an error if a unit wasn't passed
  • Fixed issue where importing and adding signatures in a particular way could cause errors

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where text was not able to be selected in a comment on the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where a measurement tool was incorrectly enabled when go in and out of form builder mode
  • Fixed an issue with printing text fields with the comb flag
  • Fixed issue where the UI could hang indefinitely when a malformed or non-retrievable URL is passed in to instance.UI.VerificationOptions.addTrustedCertificates
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the displayed individual associated with the digital signature was not specific enough
  • Fixed issue where documents with a percentage sign in the name were not able to be loaded

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