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Version 7.2.0 Changelog (2020-11-19)

linkWebViewer Core


  • Updated PDF workers to PDFNet 8.0. All new PDFNet 8.0 APIs are available.
  • Updated Office workers with many new rendering improvements for docx, pptx and xlsx
  • Added the ability to add custom appearances to an annotation programmatically with the addCustomAppearance function. To handle saved XFDF custom appearances there is also annotManager.setCustomAppearanceHandler.
  • Added a new NoDelete property on annotations which prevents deletion but allows modifications
  • Updated addAnnotations and deleteAnnotations to be able to take an options object. The previous way of calling these functions is deprecated.
  • Updated addAnnotations to take an autoFocus option which lets you control whether a newly added FreeText or Callout is automatically focused.
  • Added getImageData and setImageData functions on stamp annotations which will automatically handle SVG data URLs. The ImageData property has been deprecated.
  • Added the CoreControls.Math namespace with utility functions for Point, Quad, Rect and Matrix
  • Added setCustomDrawFunction for the RubberStampCreateTool which allows you to draw extra content onto the custom stamps
  • Added setFreeformRotationEnabled to enable/disable freeform rotation for annotations that support it
  • Added Annotations.StickyAnnotation.SIZE to control the size of all sticky annotations
  • Added support for opening EMF files with WebViewer Server
  • Listable, NoResize, NoMove, MaintainAspectRatio and IsClickableOutsideRect properties on annotations are now preserved when exporting XFDF
  • Added support for the buttonGetCaption function in embedded JavaScript
  • Made it easier to load WebViewer on SharePoint with optional aspx pages


  • Fixed issue where license key wasn't accessible in some cases in Salesforce
  • Fixed issue where deselected event was triggered when deleteAnnotations was called programmatically when non-selected annotations were being deleted
  • Fixed issue where link XFDF could be modified when no changes were actually made
  • Fixed issue with WebViewer Server backend switch race condition
  • Fixed issue where the calculation of a value from nested fields wasn't working correctly
  • Fixed issue where deleted or moved pages could have their text cached incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where using getFileData when loading with DocumentViewer outside of the UI would throw an error with FreeTexts
  • Fixed issue where the text on some XOD documents wasn't able to be selected
  • Fixed issue with pasting FreeText and Callout annotations getting stuck focused
  • Fixed extra whitespace below DocumentViewer when loading directly
  • Fixed issue where the NoPrint flag wasn't working on widgets
  • Fixed issue where signatures with a border were not able to be signed
  • Fixed issue where loadAsPDF didn't work if the extension option was passed in
  • Fixed issue where a viewer optimized file that was edited could still show the unedited thumbnail at some zoom levels
  • Fixed issue where the cursor for the marquee zoom tool wasn't visible in IE
  • Fixed issue with callout becoming blank when zooming in Firefox
  • Fixed issue with inputs that had a date format starting with months
  • Fixed issue where insertBlankPages was not able to be called when loading a document with WebViewer Server and forceClientSideInit
  • Fixed issue where rectangular measurement annotations weren't able to be resized
  • Fixed issue where the line caption color didn't match the stroke color
  • Fixed issue where copied FreeText annotation text didn't maintain rich text styles
  • Fixed uncaught exception error that could rarely occur in Firefox
  • Fixed FreeText underline style being too high for some fonts
  • Fixed issue where stamp images from another origin couldn't be selected
  • Fixed issue where rectangular measurement annotations are not immediately selectable after creation
  • Fixed issue where deleting annotations would trigger a deselected event as well even though they weren't selected
  • Fixed issue where adding very small FreeText annotations caused an error
  • Fixed flickering when setting the page number to the current page
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the viewer optimized thumbnail would be displayed in viewport rendering mode
  • Fixed issue where undefined field value would get converted to a string
  • Fixed issue where the wrong cache hinting value was used for streaming XOD
  • Fixed issue where negative currency values could incorrectly cut off the last character
  • Fixed potential timing issue when rendering color separations
  • Fixed issue where a very small image inside a XOD file could cause an error

linkWebViewer UI


  • Added uiPath option to WebViewer constructor to allow you to set the exact URL of the WebViewer iframe
  • Added setDisplayedSignaturesFilter to filter which saved signatures will be displayed in the UI
  • Added a themeChanged event that fires when the UI theme is changed
  • Added a panelResized event that fires when panels are resized
  • Added cancelPrint to cancel an ongoing print job
  • Added an onProgress option to the printInBackground function
  • Added instance.setHighContrastMode and the highContrastMode constructor option to increase the UI color contrast
  • Updated the printInBackground API to print all pages by default
  • Added the ability to enter fractions in the measurement calibration modal
  • Added usability improvements for reader mode
  • Updated so that empty text is no longer allowed in the custom stamp modal
  • Allow a single toolbar button to appear in the ribbon if all other toolbars are hidden
  • Added aria labels and roles where they were missing on list items
  • Added the ability to tab through many different elements (bookmarks, style headers, color palette, signature and stamp modals)
  • Updated the fullscreen button so that it can be enabled programmatically on iOS devices. It is still disabled by default for iOS.
  • Updated search panel so that a new search does not automatically happen when changing checkbox values
  • Added a missing label on the custom stamp modal
  • Updated to React 17
  • Added data-element values for items in dropdowns
  • Updated the loadDocument function to accept xodOptions as an option
  • Updated the mergeDocument function to work even if there is no document loaded in the viewer


  • Fixed issue with the calibration modal sending extra annotation changed events
  • Fixed issue where there could be a gap to the right of the right panel in some cases
  • Fixed issue where pressing apply immediately in the calibration modal changes the scale to NaN
  • Fixed issue where certain toolbar settings would not persist when toggling between read only mode
  • Fixed issue where adding bookmark element did not show correct page label
  • Fixed issue where notes panel was slow in IE when there were many annotations
  • Fixed issue where search results could be improperly spaced in some cases
  • Fixed issue where the color palette wasn't able to be disabled in the rich text popup
  • Fixed duplicate page labels in the thumbnail control when multiselecting
  • Fixed issue with selecting and copying text in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where an unposted comment would be removed if another annotation was programmatically added to the document
  • Fixed issue where long author names would overlap in the notes panel filter popup
  • Fixed issue where long author names would overflow inside a note
  • Fixed issue where annotation popup wasn't always closed when an annotation was deleted
  • Fixed issue where signature modal would accept typed signatures consisting of only whitespace
  • Fixed issue where some strings in the watermark modal weren't translated
  • Fixed issue where note button wasn't highlighted when the notes panel was open
  • Fixed issue where the create stamp popup would close when clicking on the modal
  • Fixed issue where page navigation with the arrow keys wasn't working in single page mode
  • Fixed issue with loading config files when origins are on multiple lines in some cases
  • Fixed issue where the serverUrl option was not including credentials
  • Fixed issue with page labels not being able to be entered in the page navigation overlay
  • Fixed issues with scrolling to the selected annotation in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue when disabling the rich text popup
  • Fixed issue with setActiveHeaderGroup not working correctly

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