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Version 4.0.1 Changelog (2018-10-26)

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  • If an inline svg is used in a custom button, it would adapt the UI’s color

  • Hot-reloading has been enabled for webviewer-ui, improving dev experience when customizing the source code of webviewer-ui

  • Priorities have been set between features and elements. For example, if the UI

    1. Disables stickyToolButton element,
    2. Disables notesPanel feature,
    3. Enables annotation feature,

    even if the sticky tool button and notes panel are part of annotation feature, they will still be disabled (specific rules wins over general rules).


  • Fixed issue with search result number incrementing/decrementing even if there’s no match
  • Fixed issue with previous button in search was searching for the next result instead of previous result
  • Fixed issue with border colors missing in IE11
  • Fixed issue with tooltips for zoom in and out reversed in the top panel
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails not rendering for PDFNetJS
  • Fixed issue with font loading on iOS 9
  • Fixed issue with using the full API in the legacy viewer
  • Fixed wrong document paths in legacy sample
  • Fixed several issues with the Angular sample
  • Fixed issue where annotations would not load sometimes
  • Fixed issue with npm run build script not working in default ui
  • Fixed issue where you can't load a local document without specifying filename
  • Fixed issue where passing null to initialDoc constructor option would throw an error