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WebViewer Server 2020 Changelog

link1.5.0 - March 2nd

  • PDFTron Core updated to version 7.1
  • Tomcat version updated from 9.0.6 to 9.0.30
  • TRN_ALLOW_ORIGINS option added
  • TRN_FORCE_URL_RECHECK option added
  • Added support for the file formats vsd, vsdx, eml, msg, xhtml and dwf
  • Added support for the rvt format (Windows server hosts only)
  • Upgraded server demo to WebViewer 6, was previously using WebViewer 5.2
  • Added 'linearize' option to GetPDF
  • Improved performance under load
  • Improved memory handling
  • Improved server logging
  • Improved error checking and reporting
  • [wv-loadbalancer] Added stickiness by query parameter
  • [wv-loadbalancer] Added configuration change to load balancer to prevent rare redirections to incorrect servers
  • Added silent install option to Windows installer
  • Annotation appearances no longer show up different than their original state if downloaded from WebViewer Server through WebViewer's download or print functions
  • Fixed error that could cause cookies forwarded with the TRN_FORWARD_CLIENT_COOKIES option to be overwritten by incorrect cookies
  • Fixes to allow mounting of the 'static_data' directory across disk volumes
  • Prevented missing directories from causing WebViewer Server to crash on startup
  • Unicode characters in file names now work when requesting a XOD link
  • When authentication options are enabled, WebViewer Server now correctly maintains cookie state when multiple tabs are open. Previously, the opening of successive viewer tabs would change the authentication cookie on prior clients breaking their interaction with the server
  • Removed container names in compose file, this prevents issues when running the setup multiple times
  • Windows installer now correctly sets up the WebViewer service on all machines
  • Fixed issue with url encoding with some types of file links

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