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Rotate pages

Rotating a PDF page in UWP

To rotate a page in a PDF document.

PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(fileName);

// Rotate the first page 90 degrees clockwise.
Page page = doc.GetPage(1);
PageRotate originalRotation = page.GetRotation();
PageRotate rotation;
switch (originalRotation)
    case PageRotate.e_0: rotation = PageRotate.e_90; break;
    case PageRotate.e_90: rotation = PageRotate.e_180; break;
    case PageRotate.e_180: rotation = PageRotate.e_270; break;
    case PageRotate.e_270: rotation = PageRotate.e_0; break;
    default: rotation = PageRotate.e_0; break;

About rotating pages

A page can be rotated clockwise, by 90 degrees, when displayed or printed. The Page.GetRotation() method returns the Page.Rotate enum specifying the current rotation. Similarly, Page.SetRotation() sets the current rotation.

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