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Version Changelog (June 29, 2021)


Release Date: June 29, 2021

Breaking Changes

  • [tools] AnnotEdit class: method name change
  • [tools] ViewerViewModel class : properties rename
  • [tools] ViewerViewModel class : properties rename
  • [tools] ViewerControl class : properties rename
  • [tools] SaveNeededStates enum : properties rename

Change Behavior

  • [pdf] Calling PDFNet.Initialize() with an invalid license key will cause an exception

New Features

PDFCompare Control

The PDFCompare control allows to open 2 PDF side by side with sync scrolling, single toolbar to annotate on both PDF, and text difference tool to highlight the differences between 2 documents.

PDF Compare Control

Copy, Paste and Duplicate Annotations

ViewerControl now support Copy, Paste and Duplicate single annotations

Copy, Paste and Duplicate Annotation

Right to Left Reading Support

Not it is possible to set the reading direction to Right-to-Left.

Right to Left Reading Support


  • [pdf] Added PDF to SVG conversion support
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Add UI Customization so fetures can be enabled or disabled
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added Rigtht to Left Language Support
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added Viewer setting “Always Show Page Navigation Tools” to maintain page control overlay
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added keyboard shortcuts for Copy (ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V)
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Reduced startup time by running in an async call temp files cleanup
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Updated tabs colors for better UX
  • [tools] [control] AnnotationToolbarBase: Expanded UI customization to hide/show Close and Expand buttons
  • [tools] [control] Added new langauge: Korean
  • [tools] Lasso Tool: Better line and arrow annotation selection
  • [tools] [ux] ViewerControl: When ESC key is pressed current selected tool switches to pan (hand)
  • [tools] [ux] PopupCommandMenu: Added tooltip to the annotation popup menu for better options feedback

Bug Fixes

  • [tools] [control] AnnotationToolbar: Fixed possible layout cycle exception when resizing the toolbar
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed initialization which would cause improper rendering on Xamarin apps
  • [tools] Fixed ToolManager.SelectedAnnotation property not returning the selected annotation for line and advanced shape while editing
  • [tools] Fixed ToolManager.SelectAnnotationGroup(IAnnot, int) not properly selecting a group of annotations
  • [tools] Fixed color mode issue where adding an annotation while color mode is set to Night Mode would reset the current color mode to Normal Mode
  • [tools] Fixed Ink tool where hitting ESC key would cause newly created Ink annotations to be deleted
  • [tools] Fixed possible exception when selecting an annotation for editing and scrolling at the same time


New Methods

  • static void PDF.Convert.ToSvg(PDFDoc, String)
  • static void PDF.Convert.ToSvg(PDFDoc, String, SVGOutputOptions)
  • static void PDF.Convert.ToSvg(Page, String)
  • static void PDF.Convert.ToSvg(Page, String, SVGOutputOptions)
  • static IAsyncAction PDF.Convert.ToSvgAsync(Page, String)
  • static IAsyncAction PDF.Convert.ToSvgAsync(Page, String, SVGOutputOptions)

New class: SVGOutputOptions

  • New Constructor: SVGOutputOptions()
  • New Method: void SetEmbedImages(bool)
  • New Method: void SetPreserveFontFamilyNames(bool)
  • New Method: void SetNoFonts(bool)
  • New Method: void SetSvgFonts(bool)
  • New Method: void SetEmbedFonts(bool)
  • New Method: void SetNoUnicode(bool)
  • New Method: void SetIndividualCharPlacement(bool)
  • New Method: void SetRemoveCharPlacement(bool)
  • New Method: void SetFlattenContent(bool)
  • New Method: void SetFlattenThreshold(bool)
  • New Method: void SetFlattenDPI(bool)
  • New Method: void SetFlattenMaximumImagePixels(bool)
  • New Method: void SetCompress(bool)
  • New Method: void SetOutputThumbnails(bool)
  • New Method: void SetThumbnailSize(bool)
  • New Method: void SetCreateXmlWrapper(bool)
  • New Method: void SetDtd(bool)
  • New Method: void SetAnnots(bool)
  • New Method: void SetOverprint(bool)

New APIs - Tools Package SDK

New Properties

  • bool AnnotationCommandBar.IsCloseToolbarButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationCommandBar.IsExpandButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarViewModel.IsCloseToolbarButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarViewModel.IsExpandButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarViewModel.IsMeasureToolsButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarViewModel.IsRedactionTextToolButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarViewModel.IsRedactionAreaToolButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarBase.IsMeasureToolsButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarBase.IsRedactionTextToolButtonVisible

  • bool AnnotationToolbarBase.IsRedactionAreaToolButtonVisible

  • PdfCompareControl ViewerViewModel.PdfCompareViewer

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPdfCompareViewOpen

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsRightToLeftVisibile

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsEditbuttonVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsThumbnailViewVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsCropViewVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPdfCompareVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPdfCompareEnabled

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPdfCompareActive

  • bool ViewerViewModel.CanSaveDocument

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsSaveAsButtonEnabled

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsActionsEnabled

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsShareVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPrintVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsExportXFDFVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsTextSearchVisible

  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsAllowDropEnabled

  • bool SettingsViewMode.AlwaysShowPageNavigationTools

  • bool ViewerSettings.AlwaysShowPageNavigationTools

  • bool ViewerSettings.IsRightToLeftVisible

  • bool ViewerPageSettingsViewModel.IsRightToLeftVisible

  • bool ViewerPageSettingsViewModel.IsRightToLeftEnabled

  • bool ViewerPageSettingsViewModel.IsThumbnailViewVisible

  • bool ViewerPageSettingsViewModel.IsCropViewVisible

  • bool PdfViewCtrlTabInfo.IsRightToLeftEnabled

  • bool PdfViewCtrlTabMetaData.IsRightToLeft

  • bool ViewerControl.IsRightToLeftVisible

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowAnnotationToolbarButton

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowThumbnailView

  • ThumbnailViewer ThumbnailViewer

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowCropView

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowActionsOption

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowShareOption

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowPrintOption

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowExportXFDF

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowTextSearchOption

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSaveOption

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSaveAsOption

  • bool ViewerControl.ShowPDFCompare

New Commands

  • ViewerViewModel.PdfCompareCommand

New Methods

  • void AnnotEdit.HandleAnnotCopy()
  • void AnnotEdit.HandleAnnotPasteAsync()
  • void AnnotEdit.HandleDuplicateAnnotAsync()
  • static bool UtilityFunctions.CopyToClipBoard(DataPackage)
  • AnnotationToolbarViewMode.PerformEscapeFromTool()

New Events

  • InternalControlStateDelegate ViewerViewModel.PDFCompareState

New class: AnnotationClipboardHelper

  • New Methods
    • static bool IsAnnotToPaste()
    • static bool CopyAnnotToClipboard(PDFViewCtrl, IAnnot)
    • async Task<bool> PasteAnnotFromClipboardAsync(PDFViewCtrl, int, Point)

New class: SaveOnExitHelper

  • New Methods
    • static SaveNeededStates CheckTabSavingRequirements(PdfViewCtrlTabInfo)
    • static async Task SaveTabHelperAsync(PdfViewCtrlTabInfo, ResourceLoader, bool, bool, bool)
    • static async Task<SaveResult> SaveTabToOriginalAsync(PdfViewCtrlTabInfo, bool, bool)

New control: PdfCompareControl

  • New constructors
    • PdfCompareControl()
    • PdfCompareControl(PDFViewCtrl)
    • PdfCompareControl(IStorageFile)
  • New Property: PdfCompareViewModel ViewModel
  • New Method: void CloseControl()
  • New Event: ControlClosed

New class: PdfCompareViewModel

  • New constructors

    • PdfCompareViewModel()
    • PdfCompareViewModel(PDFViewCtrl, ICloseableControl)
    • PdfCompareViewModel(IStorageFile)
  • New Properties

    • AnnotationCommandBar AnnotToolbar
    • PDFViewCtrl PdfViewCtrlA
    • PDFViewCtrl PdfViewCtrlB
    • PDFViewCtrl PdfViewCtrlTxtDiff
    • ClickablePageNumberIndicator PageNumbIndicatorPdfA
    • ClickablePageNumberIndicator PageNumbIndicatorPdfB
    • bool SyncScrolling
    • bool SyncZoom
    • string PdfAName
    • string PdfBName
    • string TxtDiffName
    • string TxtDiffCurrentPageText
    • bool IsPdfAVisible
    • bool IsPdfBVisible
    • bool IsPdfAOpenPageVisible
    • bool IsPdfBOpenPageVisible
    • bool IsTextDiffResultVisible
    • bool IsTextDiffEnabled
    • bool IsToolbarVisible
    • bool PersistAnnotTool
    • bool IsProgressRingVisible
    • bool IsAnyDocsModified
  • New Commands (ICommand)

    • CMDOpenPdfA
    • CMDOpenPdfB
    • CMDSavePdfA
    • CMDSavePdfB
    • CMDClosePdfA
    • CMDClosePdfB
    • CMDGoBack
    • CMDPageTxtDiff
    • CMDAllPagesTxtDiff
    • CMDSaveTxtDiff
    • CMDCloseTxtDiff
    • CMDCancelTxtDiff
    • CMDZoomIn
    • CMDZoomOut
  • New Methods

    • void CleanUp()
    • async Task OpenAndCompareFileAAsync(StorageFile)
    • async Task OpenAndCompareFileBAsync(StorageFile)
  • New image resources

    • Resources/Images/local_device.svg

New language resources


  • string\kr-KO\Printing.resw
  • string\kr-KO\Resources.resw

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