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Version 6.7.1 Changelog (December 5, 2016)

Version: 6.7.1

Release Date: December 5, 2016

6.7.1 is a major release. Please see What’s New for the changes that affect all platforms, including UWP.


  • A VSIX package to install the PDFNet SDK for UWP on all 3 platform architectures (ARM, x86, x64).
  • A version of the PDFViewCtrlTools project adapted to work well on UWP for desktops, tablets, and phones.
  • A PDFViewCtrlDemo showing how to use the PDFViewCtrl as well as the tools.


  • PDFPrintManager exposes a PrintingRequested event that provides a PDFPrintTask that can be used to monitor the progress of the current printing job. This will indicate when it is safe to dispose of a PDFDoc.
  • Form filling now supports JavaScript. Enable this using PDFNet.EnableJavaScript(bool)


  • The PDFViewCtrl AnnotationCanvas (available through PDFViewCtrl.GetAnnotationCanvas) is now positioned differently relative to the PDFViewCtrl’s content. Use PDFViewCtrl.ConvScreenPtToAnnotationCanvasPt and PDFViewCtrl.ConvAnnotationCanvasPtToScreenPt to transform to and from the AnnotationCanvas
  • Open and view non-PDF documents including docx, jpeg, jpg, gif, png and cbz while it is being converted to PDF via PDFViewCtrl.OpenUniversalDocument using a DocumentConversion from Convert.UniversalConversion
  • The class PDFViewCtrlThumbnailRequestHandler, available via the property PDFViewCtrl.ThumbnailResponseHandler, which can receive thumbnails from GetThumbAsync in a background thread
  • The PDFViewCtrl can now animate zooming, see SetZoom, SmartZoom, and SetPageViewMode to animate a zoom change
  • Use PDFViewCtrl.SelectWithSnapping and PDFViewCtrl.SelectWithSmartSnapping to alter whether or not text selection should select whole words
  • Set any DuoTone color mode using PDFViewCtrl.SetColorPostProcessColor


  • Tools controls have updated appearance to match UWP default styles
  • A new CropView control that enables cropping of pages in a document
  • A ReflowView control that can be used to show flexible reflow of PDF documents using the new ReflowProcessor
  • A ‘NavigationStack’ that tracks and records view changes, and can be used as a ViewModel for back and forward buttons.
  • Change the color and shape of sticky notes
  • Change the color and thickness of signature
  • A freehand marker tools, to highlight documents without actual text
  • Tools now use PDFViewCtrl.ExecuteAction(ActionParameter) to execute Actions that can trigger JavaScript

linkNew APIs

  • PDFNet.EnableJavaScript(bool)
  • PDFViewCtrl.openUniversalDocument(DocumentConversion)
  • PDFViewCtrl.OnConversionChanged
  • PDFViewCtrl.ConvScreenPtToAnnotationCanvasPt(DoubleRef, DoubleRef)
  • PDFViewCtrl.ConvScreenPtToAnnotationCanvasPt(DoubleRef, DoubleRefm int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.ConvAnnotationCanvasPtToScreenPt(DoubleRef, DoubleRef)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetColorPostProcessColors(Color, Color)
  • (ColorPt) PDFViewCtrl.GetPostProcessedColor(ColorPt)
  • PDFViewCtrl.FindTextAsync(string, bool, bool, bool, bool, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.ExecuteAction(ActionParameter)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetRightToLeftLanguage(bool)
  • (bool) PDFViewCtrl.GetRightToLeftLanguage()
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetPageBox(PageBox)
  • (PageBox) PDFViewCtrl.GetPageBox()
  • (Rect) PDFViewCtrl.GetPageRectForAnnot(IAnnot, int)
  • (Rect) PDFViewCtrl.GetScreenRectForAnnot(IAnnot, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.RefreshAndUpdate(ViewChangeCollection)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SelectWithSmartSnapping(double, double, double, double)
  • PDFViewCtrl.SelectWithSnapping(double, double, double, double, bool, bool)
  • (bool) PDFViewCtrl.SetZoom(int, int, double, bool)
  • (bool) PDFViewCtrl.SmartZoom(int, int, bool)
  • (void) PDFViewCtrl.SetPageViewMode(PDFViewCtrlPageViewMode, double, double, bool)
  • (double) PDFViewCtrl.GetZoomAnimationTarget()
  • (double) PDFViewCtrl.GetZoomForViewMode()
  • (bool) PDFViewCtrl.IsAnimatingZoom()
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetRelativeZoomLimits(PDFViewCtrlPageViewMode, double, double)
  • (PDFViewCtrlThumbnailRequestHandler) PDFViewCtrl.ThumbnailResponseHandler
  • PDFViewCtrlThumbnailRequestHandler.OnThumbnailGenerated
  • PDFViewCtrlThumbnailRequestHandler.GetThumbAsync(int)
  • PDFPrintManager.PrintingRequested
  • PDFPrintTask.Previewing
  • PDFPrintTask.Submitting
  • PDFPrintTask.Progressing
  • PDFPrintTask.Completed

linkBUG FIXES & Improvements

  • Many UI improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

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