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Read & write a PDF file from/to memory buffer in JavaScript

Sample JavaScript code for using PDFTron SDK to read/write a PDF document from/to memory buffer. This is useful for applications that work with dynamic PDFdocuments that don't need to be saved/read from a disk. Learn more about our JavaScript PDF Library.

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// Copyright (c) 2001-2019 by PDFTron Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Consult legal.txt regarding legal and license information.

const fs = require('fs');
const { PDFNet } = require('../../lib/pdfnet.js');

((exports) => {
  'use strict';

  exports.runPDFDocMemoryTest = () => {
    const main = async () => {
      const output_path = "../TestFiles/Output/";

      // The following sample illustrates how to read/write a PDF document from/to 
      // a memory buffer. This is useful for applications that work with dynamic PDF
      // documents that don't need to be saved/read from a disk.
      try {
        // Read a PDF document in a memory buffer.
        const file = await PDFNet.Filter.createMappedFileFromUString("../TestFiles/tiger.pdf");
        const file_sz = await file.mappedFileFileSize();

        const file_reader = await PDFNet.FilterReader.create(file);

        const mem = await;
        const doc = await PDFNet.PDFDoc.createFromBuffer(mem);

        const num_pages = await doc.getPageCount();

        const writer = await PDFNet.ElementWriter.create();
        const reader = await PDFNet.ElementReader.create();

        // Create a duplicate of every page but copy only path objects
        for (let i = 1; i <= num_pages; ++i) {
          const itr = await doc.getPageIterator(2 * i - 1);

          const cur_page = await itr.current();
          const new_page = await doc.pageCreate(await cur_page.getMediaBox());
          doc.pageInsert(itr, new_page);

          var element;
          while (element = await {	// Read page contents

          await writer.end();
          await reader.end();
        } + "doc_memory_edit.pdf", PDFNet.SDFDoc.SaveOptions.e_remove_unused);

        // Save the document to a memory buffer.
        const docbuf = await doc.saveMemoryBuffer(PDFNet.SDFDoc.SaveOptions.e_remove_unused);

        // Write the contents of the buffer to the disk
        fs.appendFileSync(output_path + "doc_memory_edit.txt", new Buffer.from(docbuf));

        // Read some data from the file stored in memory
        reader.beginOnPage(await doc.getPage(1));
        while (element = await {
          if (await element.getType() == PDFNet.Element.Type.e_path) console.log("Path, ");

        console.log("\nDone. Result saved in doc_memory_edit.pdf and doc_memory_edit.txt ...");
      } catch (err) {

    PDFNet.runWithCleanup(main, 0).then(function () { PDFNet.shutdown(); }); // replace with your own license key and remove the license-key.js script tag
// eslint-disable-next-line spaced-comment
//# sourceURL=PDFDocMemoryTest.js

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