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Ruby PDF Annotation Library

Annotations allow users to mark up and comment on PDFs without altering the original authors content.

PDFTron SDK Benefits include:

  • Infinite Undo/Redo
  • Support for annotation flattening
  • Support for annotation appearances
  • XFDF Import
  • Export annotations to FDF, XFDF, text, or PDF annotation summary
  • Sticky (Note)
  • Comments
  • Text markup (highlight, squiggly, underline, strikeout)
  • Add shapes (line, arrow, polyline, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, cloud)
  • Cloud annotations
  • Apply freehand ink annotations
  • Signatures
  • Save the annotations into the PDF file
  • File attachments
  • Sound, movie, and 3D annotations
  • Support for custom annotations
  • FreeText, Callout
  • TextHighlight, TextUnderline, TextSquiggly, TextStrikeout
  • Stamp
  • Redaction

linkGet started

Import annotations
To import XFDF into FDF, then merge data from FDF into PDF.

Export annotations
To extract data from PDF to FDF, then export FDF as XFDF.

Style properties
To set an annotation style property such as color, interior color, border style, padding, etc to an annotation.

Add sticky note
To add sticky note (text annotation) to a PDF Document.

Add link annotation
To add a hyperlink or intra-document link annotation to a PDF Document page.

Add stamp annotation
To add a stamp annotation with an image, text, or page to a PDF Document page.

Remove annotation
To remove an annotation from a document.

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