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I am trying to integrate PDFNet in my own project on macOSkeyboard_arrow_down

I am trying to integrate PDFNet in my own project on macOS

If you get one of these error messages, or similar:

dyld: warning, LC_RPATH . in /Users/Username/PDFNetWrappersMac/PDFNetC/Lib/ being ignored in restricted program because it is a relative path

Please do the following whenever you intend to move the library files to a different filesystem path:

  1. Download PDFNetC SDK again, or just extract again, so that you have fresh PDFNetC libraries.
  2. Copy and the libraries you need (i.e. libPDFNetC.dylib and one or both of, PDFNetRuby.bundle) from <package path>/PDFNetC/Lib to the destination directory in your project.
  3. Run ./ with the working directory set to the destination directory from step (2) above.

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