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Certify a PDF document

To add a certification signature field to a PDF document and sign it:

// Open an existing PDF
$doc = new PDFDoc($docpath);

$page1 = $doc->GetPage(1);

// Create a text field that we can lock using the field permissions feature.
$annot1 = TextWidget::Create($doc->GetSDFDoc(), new Rect(50.0, 550.0, 350.0, 600.0), "asdf_test_field");

// Create a new signature form field in the PDFDoc. The name argument is optional;
// leaving it empty causes it to be auto-generated. However, you may need the name for later.
// Acrobat doesn't show digsigfield in side panel if it's without a widget. Using a
// Rect with 0 width and 0 height, or setting the NoPrint/Invisible flags makes it invisible. 
$certification_sig_field = $doc->CreateDigitalSignatureField($cert_field_name);
$widgetAnnot = SignatureWidget::Create($doc, new Rect(0.0, 100.0, 200.0, 150.0), $certification_sig_field);

// (OPTIONAL) Add an appearance to the signature field.
$img = Image::Create($doc->GetSDFDoc(), $appearance_image_path);

// Prepare the document locking permission level to be applied upon document certification.

// Prepare to lock the text field that we created earlier.
$certification_sig_field->SetFieldPermissions(DigitalSignatureField::e_include, array('asdf_test_field'));

$certification_sig_field->CertifyOnNextSave($private_key_file_path, $keyfile_password);

// (OPTIONAL) Add more information to the signature dictionary.
$certification_sig_field->SetLocation('Vancouver, BC');
$certification_sig_field->SetReason('Document certification.');

// Save the PDFDoc. Once the method below is called, PDFNet will also sign the document using the information provided.
$doc->Save($outpath, 0);

Digitally sign PDF files
Full code sample which demonstrates using the digital signature API to digitally sign and/or certify PDF documents.

linkAbout certifying a PDF document

Unlike, approval signatures, there can be only one certification per PDF document. Only the first signature in the PDF document can be used as the certification signature. Certifying a document is like notarizing a document. The process of certifying a document is almost exactly the same as adding approval signatures with the exception of certification signatures requires an entry in the "Perms" dictionary.

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