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Add bookmark

Add a bookmark to PDFs in PHP

To add a bookmark or a new outline item in an existing document.

$doc = new PDFDoc($filename);
$myitem = Bookmark::Create($doc, "My Item");

Read, add, edit PDF outlines and bookmarks Full code sample which illustrates how to read and edit existing outline items and create new bookmarks using the high-level API

About adding a bookmark

While it's possible to work with outline items or Bookmarks using the SDF API (See section 8.2.2, "Document Outline", in the PDF Reference Manual for more details), PDFTron SDK simplifies the process by providing the high-level utility class PDF.Bookmark.

Note that we obtain the root Bookmark using GetFirstBookmark(). If GetFirstBookmark() returns an invalid Bookmark (where GetFirstBookmark().IsValid() is false), the document has no outline tree.

Sub-items can be added using the Bookmark.AddChild() method:

$sub_item = $myitem->AddChild("My Sub-Item");

Note that a Bookmark can be associated with different kinds of Actions. The most common action is to move to another location in the current document. This type of Action is called a Go-To action. The following sample creates a new page Destination and sets the Bookmark's action:


Using PDFTron SDK, it is also possible to quickly create named destinations. Named destinations have an advantage over explicit destinations — they allow the location of the destination to change without invalidating existing links.

To create a named destination, pass the key (under which the destination will be stored) to the Action.Create() method:

$key = "blue1";
$myitem->SetAction(Action::CreateGoto($key, strlen($key), Destination::CreateFit($doc->GetPage(1))));

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