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Version 7.0 Changelog (2019-07-25)

linkNew Features

  • CAD conversion module and API (Convert.FromCad)
  • OCR module and API (OCRModule class)
  • Updated API for Digital Signature creation (DigitalSignatureField and DigitalSignatureIterator classes).
  • Programmatic, low-level Undo/Redo API. (UndoManager, ResultSnapshot and DocSnapshot classes)
  • Added an in-memory interface for rendering individual separations. (PDFDraw.GetSeparationBitmapsand PDFRasterizer.RasterizeSeparations).
  • Added extra modes to geometry snapping: snap to point on line, snap to midpoint, and snap to line intersection.
  • Added Widget functions to Set/Get Text Color, Font and Font Size.
  • New Widget API for form field creation/access. (TextWidget, CheckBoxWidget, RadioButtonWidget, RadioButtonGroup, PushButtonWidget, SignatureWidget, ListBoxWidget and ComboBoxWidget classes).
  • Added an API allowing sound annotations to be created from raw sound data. (Sound.CreateWithData).
  • New method for easily rotating an annotations appearance by an arbitrary angle.

linkChanged Behavior:

  • ToXod default options have been changed. The XOD default setting for flattening is now e_high_quality (previously e_fast) and the default setting for line thickening is false. (previously true).
  • The HTML2PDF module is now included as part of desktop release packages.
  • Unused ConnectToCloud API was removed.
  • The GDI+ Rasterizer has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future version of PDFNet.

linkOther Changes

Roughly categorized, not an exhaustive list.


  • [pdf] Improved error handling when processing JPEG 2000 files.
  • [pdf] Handle separation names that are not valid Unicode.
  • [pdf] Better recover from errors in initial document loading when JavaScript is enabled.
  • [pdf] Fixed a problem where particular JBig2 files could not be completely read.
  • [pdf] Better handle corrupt documents consisting of two PDFs stitched together.
  • [pdf] More robust handling of temp files and directories with unexpected permissions.
  • [xod] Now limit the number of pattern usages before flattening will occur. This is needed to avoid frequently used simple patterns from making very complicated output files.
  • [pdf] Updated ElementWriter to better support editing of any existing PDF file when used in conjunction with ElementReader. (ElementWriter.SetDefaultGState and updated ElementWriter.Begin).


  • [pdf] Updated XFDF import to support importing Form Fields, Links and File Attachments.
  • [pdf] Output the “All” separation when in separation export mode.
  • [xod] Added elements to XOD files to support faux bold (stroked and filled text).
  • [pdf] Added better handling for zero-area filled paths.
  • [pdf] Improved redaction annotation rendering to support custom attributes used in Acrobat.
  • [pdf] Support encrypting files with no user password using AES 256.
  • [pdf] Adjusted RefreshAppearance for Radio Buttons to produce output similar to other PDF viewers.
  • [xod] Adjusted logic so if flattening is not disabled that pages with Knockout or Isolated Transparency groups are flattened.
  • [pdf] Updated logic so that the level passed to PDFNet.SetDefaultFlateCompressionLevel() will be respected even for image compression. (where the maximum compression setting would generally be used).
  • [pdf] Added support for soft masks in PNG and TIFF image export.
  • [pdf] Added a dropdown indicator for combo boxes.
  • [pdf] Now automatically support arbitrary rotations of rubberstamp annotations.


  • [pdf] More efficient handling of empty transparency groups.
  • [pdf] Improved performance of SetDoc in PDFview by asynchronously reading page info.
  • [pdf] Lowered memory usage when incrementally saving to stream.
  • [pdf] Optimized reading from a file that has been edited.
  • [pdf] Optimized parsing of PDF documents with large amounts of whitespace.


  • [pdf] Fixed a bug where IsModified can return true after a save when undo redo is used.
  • [pdf] Fixed bug where we would fail to save to documents with malformed “Rights enable” dictionaries.
  • [pdf] Fixed a bug where we would sometimes mishandle softmasks smaller than their containing group.
  • [pdf] Fixed bug where disabling annotation rendering in the viewer would not disable it in thumbnails.
  • [pdf] Fix bug in .Net wrapper where exceptions thrown in the PDFDoc constructor could crash.


  • [xlsx] Added support for "sparkline" charts in xlsx files.
  • [xlsx] Added support for the NPER (number of periods) financial function.
  • [docx] Now correctly display change-tracked content.
  • [xlsx] Now correctly display drawings in sheets that are outside the table bounds.
  • [docx] Better support for text frame elements in .docx files.
  • [xlsx] Added support for inline strings within table cells.
  • [xlsx] Improved behaviour when text within a cell exceeds the horizontal cell bounds.
  • [docx] Improved positioning of some forms of rotated images.
  • [xlsx] Improved positioning of some forms of rotated images.
  • [pptx] Slightly improved handling of text effects.
  • [xlsx] Improved positioning category axis legends.
  • [docx/pptx] More robust handling of symbol encoded text runs.
  • [office] Better handling of oddly named fonts, where the style is part of the name.
  • [docx] no longer apply highlights to text runs consisting only of whitespace.
  • [docx] Fix bug where we could occasionally miss list styles on deeply nested bullet lists.

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