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What do I do with a "Bad License Key" error?keyboard_arrow_down

What do I do with a "Bad License Key" error?

If you see an error that says:

Bad License Key. 

PDFNet SDK will work in demo mode. 

For more information please see PDFNet FAQ or contact support [at]

It means that the license key may have been copied incorrectly.

Please verify the following:

  1. Please make sure you’re using the entire key string, but with no extra whitespace included (i.e. at the end, which can happen when you copy/paste out of an email or the website).

    For example if your key is "YOUR PDFTRON LICENSE KEY::Testing::123", then you would call:

// Use runWithCleanup instead of initialize
// PDFNet initialize is called within runWithCleanup
// runWithCleanup will also perform automatic memory management
PDFNet.runWithCleanup(callback, "YOUR PDFTRON LICENSE KEY::Testing::123");

// Optional alternative to call initialize directly 
PDFNet.initialize("YOUR PDFTRON LICENSE KEY::Testing::123");
  1. Make sure you are running on the licensed OS/platform.

    License keys are not interchangeable between platforms. They are uniquely created based on your license and the platform specified.

  2. Also, this needs to be in the first instance of PDFNet initialize, and there should be only one call to PDFNet initialize.

    If the license key is used in other calls to initialize besides the first then it will not work because PDFNet will already be loaded in demo mode which cannot be changed by another initialize call.

  3. Before any other calls to PDFNet functions, you must call PDFNet initialize.

    Initialize is required to load up the required parts of PDFNet that are used across all other PDFNet methods. The initialize method can be called multiple times but will only be activated the first time.

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