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Add a new PDF Layer

To add a PDF layer in a new document.

PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc();
ElementBuilder builder = new ElementBuilder(); // ElementBuilder is used to build new Element objects
ElementWriter writer = new ElementWriter(); // ElementWriter is used to write Elements to the page

// Create a layer
Group image_layer = Group.Create(doc, "Image Layer");
Config cfg = Config.Create(doc, true);

// Start a new page ------------------------------------
Page page = doc.PageCreate();
writer.Begin(page); // begin writing to this page

// Add new content to the page and associate it with the layer.
Element element = builder.CreateForm(CreateGroup1(doc, image_layer.GetSDFObj()));

// Set the default viewing preference to display 'Layer' tab.
PDFDocViewPrefs prefs = doc.GetViewPrefs();

PDF layers (OCG)
Full sample code which demonstrates how to create, extract, render PDF layers.

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