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Document creation


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Document creation refers to capturing an authors content and combining it with a well defined format structure such as PDF so that it can be optimally displayed for its intended audience.

PDFTron SDK benefits include:

  • Create new documents from scratch or use existing documents as templates
  • Copy page content (individual graphical elements) from one page to another
  • Read/write a PDF document from/to memory buffer or a file on a disk
  • Create new text, vector art and images
  • Quick image embedding for TIFF, JPEG, and PNG
  • Support for Type1, OpenType, TrueType, Type3, and CID Font embedding for accurate text reproduction
  • Support for Unicode text and standard PDF encodings
  • Dynamic font subsetting resulting in smaller files
  • Full control over text positioning and character spacing
  • Support for all PDF color spaces and advanced pre-press options
  • Full control over content positioning and all graphical attributes available in PDF
  • Support for PDF patterns (colored and uncolored tiling patterns) and shadings (7 types)
  • Support for image masks
  • Reuse of resources such as images, fonts and color spaces through object sharing resulting in smaller and more efficient documents
  • Intelligent element serialization resulting in small and efficient content streams
  • Support for explicit and named destinations. Named destinations allow for changes to the document that will not invalidate existing bookmarks
  • Extensive bookmark creation and editing API
  • Creation of PDF documents with 3D content (U3D support)
  • Apply security to new documents
  • Linearization (Fast Web View)

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Create a new document from a template
To create a new document from an existing document and replicate its cover page.

Samples related to creation.

APIs related to creation.

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Basic document operations
A list of commonly used operations when working with document processing.

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