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An annotation can augment a document without altering the original authors content.

PDFTron SDK Benefits include:

  • Infinite Undo/Redo
  • Support for annotation flattening
  • Support for annotation appearances
  • XFDF Import
  • Export annotations to FDF, XFDF, text, or PDF annotation summary
  • Note annotation
  • Comments
  • Text markup (highlight, squiggly, underline, strikeout)
  • Add shapes (line, oval, rectangle, polygon, polyline)
  • Cloud annotations
  • Apply freehand ink annotations
  • Signatures
  • Save the annotations into the PDF file
  • File attachments
  • Sound, movie, and 3D annotations
  • Support for custom annotations

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Add sticky note
To add sticky note (text annotation) to a PDF Document.

Add link annotation
To add a hyperlink or intra-document link annotation to a PDF Document page.

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