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My version of Python is incompatible with the precompiled sampleskeyboard_arrow_down

My version of Python is incompatible with the precompiled samples

You can try to build your own wrappers, or run a compatible version of Python in its own environment.

Here are the steps for the virtual environment option using pyenv:

  1. Install pyenv and execute pyenv install 2.7.15. It may take a while to install.
  2. Navigate to your /PDFNetWrappers folder and execute these two lines:

    pyenv local 2.7.15
    source ~/.bash_profile

The precompiled samples will now use Python 2.7.15. You can now run some samples, or integrate our SDK into your own application. If you want to return to using your system version of Python for the samples, just run pyenv local system in /PDFNetWrappers.

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